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Jing Integrated Holistic Healthcare

Jing Healthcare is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) based clinic, where we aim for the highest standard of integrated and holistic healthcare.  TCM is a system of primary health care that includes acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, remedial massage, exercise therapy, breathing techniques dietary and lifestyle advice.  At the Jing, we believe in treating the root cause of the problem as well as alleviating the symptoms.We combine the ancient health knowledge of TCM with modern methods of functional pathology, colon hydrotherapy, genome testing, live blood analysis and the use of practitioner grade nutritional supplements. Jing is the Chinese expression of the most refined “essence of Qi” within our body.  It nourishes our life force, defines our basic constitution and is an important component of health, youthfulness and longevity according to TCM principles.We are all born with a finite amount of Jing, and whilst the gradual depletion of Jing is natural, the ancient Chinese medical texts state that it can be nourished and replenished. At Jing Healthcare, we aim to nourish our clients Jing Qi by offering acupuncture, dietary advise and nutrition, the prescription of essence-building herbs, organic herbal bone broth, colon hydrotherapy and Qi building physical arts, such as Qi gong, yoga and meditation. Our clinic upholds the value of education, enabling and empowering our clients to take their own health in their hands thus ultimately facilitating sustainable and long lasting health outcomes. The  J I N G  K I T C H E N  is an industrial kitchen on site where our doctors cook a 36 hour herbal infused bone broth and deer antler broth.  These broths are made to primarily revitalise the body and heal the gut. Broth also has anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties.


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