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Creating new energetic pathways

We now hold 3-day and 5-day programs most days of the week!

The Adrenal Reset Program has been designed to target the health of the adrenal glands, digestive system and nervous system .

All forms of stress negatively impact most people today.*

Repairing and restoring adrenal health is the first thing you should consider if you suffer from: hormonal imbalance, weight that is hard to shift, skin complaints, digestive complaints, leaky gut, low mood, poor stress handling, a health complaint that you are unable to correct or just have a busy or stressful life.

*For more on the stress response and its effects on the body see the bottom of this page.

Long-term benefits of the Jing Reset Program

  • Improves and sustains energy and mood
  • Restores deep quality sleep at night
  • Promotes vibrant and clear skin
  • Can help correct hormonal balance
  • Improves memory and cognition
  • Creates a positive change in dietary habits
  • Reduces weight that is hard to shift
  • Aids in healing leaky gut (seen on live blood analysis)
  • Reduces caffeine and sugar cravings
  • Rebalances the autonomic nervous system and circadian rhythms and enhances your ability to deal with life’s stressors
  • Reduces inflammation within the body

Liquid diet

Most clients are on a liquid diet of bone broth and cold-pressed juice for the duration of their program. The practitioners at the clinic will determine whether this is appropriate case by case.

What you will receive during the program

  • Initial consultation with Dr. Natasja Fox (TCM & functional nutrition) to evaluate your biochemistry, nutritional status, hormonal balance and digestive health
  • Pre-& post-Reset diet plans
  • 5 x colon hydrotherapy sessions
  • 5 x acupuncture
  • 5 x cloud foot massage
  • Unlimited far infrared sauna
  • 2 jars of broth a day and one take-home broth and vegetable stock (if you’re on a liquid diet then we cover all your food).
  • Organic tea
  • Tools and information in facilitating personal health balancing

The Adrenal Reset Program

Live blood analysis  Live blood analysis (LBA) provides a great visual assessment of a person’s general blood health. The microscope uses 1000X magnification to observe living blood cells with only a finger prick of blood.

Looking through the microscope you are able to see inflammatory markers, digestive debris, the activity of white blood cells and integrity of the red blood cells. LBA can provide a visual aid in the observation of the immune system, liver function, fat absorption/clearance, certain nutritional levels, insulin resistance, levels of inflammation and bacterial and parasitic infection. Live blood analysis is not a diagnostic tool but a guide for further assessment.

JING’s unique tailored Reset Program – Our practitioners will evaluate and specifically design a program to suit your individual needs and desired health outcomes.

Acupuncture – Acupuncture harmonises the nervous system whilst clearing energetic blockages in meridians. It is also used to rebalance the nervous system and lower the stress hormone cortisol. (1) Acupuncture can also be used to boost endorphins (2) to reduce pain in the body by releasing muscle tension.

Colon hydrotherapy – Colon hydrotherapy clears waste from the colon which otherwise can cause reabsorption of toxic material meant to be cleared by the colon (can contribute to negative bacterial overgrowth in the gut and prevent nutrient absorption).

Biodynamic bone broth & stock – Bone broth is a medicinal food that has been used for centuries to heal the sick and vulnerable. It contains electrolyte minerals, amino acids, bone marrow, gelatin and collagen from cartilage-rich bones. It is known to heal leaky gut, reduce inflammation and provide the body with co-factors enabling the body to absorb other nutrients. Our bone broth is organic/bio-dynamic, highly nourishing and delicious.

Far infrared sauna – Far infrared rays penetrate the skin, mobilising waste stored in the skin while vitalising cells and the metabolism. Far infrared saunas generate 2 to 3 times more sweat than hot air steam saunas.


Open dates. Choose either a 3-day or a 5- day program. Available: Mondays – Fridays

Not available:  The last and first two weeks of the year.

You choose the date! We now host solo or small group RESET programs nearly all year round. We will try and accommodate dates of your choice. These solo & small group RESETS run alongside the daily clinic operations. Up to four participants can attend. At least seven days’ notice is needed before commencement.


$500 deposit must be made upon booking.

Three-Days    $1300

Five-Days       $2150


Many people travel from around Australia to attend this program. Clients are asked to arrange their own accommodation.


Stress comes in many forms:

  • Mental and emotional
  • Nutritional
  • Chemical
  • Bacterial and viral
  • Environmental
  • Physical

Your stress hormone cortisol affects the way your genes express themselves. It also affects the balance of your hormones and neurotransmitters and thus has a dramatic effect on mood and perception of life. Stress affects your nutritional status, gastrointestinal absorption, bacterial balance and immune function, flight or fight response and muscle tension.

The 5-Day Reset Program can drastically improve your health by reducing your stress hormone cortisol via its methods of calming the nervous system and stress response, clearing waste, boosting nutrient status and removing foods that can elevate cortisol.


  1. Eshkevari, 2015, Effects of Acupuncture, RU-486 on the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis in Chronically Stressed Adult Male Rats, Endocrinology, taken from www.
  2. Research has shown that Acupuncture causes the body to release neurotransmitters such as endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. Endorphins are the body’s natural opiates that relieve pain and increase your relaxation response.