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Bone Broth – The Secret Weapon

A nutritional supplement and medicine

Bone broth is a medicinal food. It has been used for centuries in many cultures to keep the body vital and to heal the sick and vulnerable. During WW2 in Europe it was kept for those who were found near death but showed signs of hope of revival.

Practitioners of Chinese Medicine have used bone broth to support the digestive system, build blood and strengthen the kidneys. The marrow of bones is considered to nourish and sustain ‘Jing’, meaning the reservoir from which we draw energetic sustenance during our entire lives.

An even earlier mention of the medicinal use of chicken soup (bone broth) was in the 12th century by Egyptian physician Moses Maimonides. He prescribed it as a remedy for colds and asthma.

At Jing Healthcare we have our own chef simmer the organic bones and vegetables for more than 48 hours, extracting all the vital nutrients mentioned below. The health benefits of bone broth come from the many important elements in bones. A few of these are: electrolyte minerals, amino acids like glycine, bone marrow, gelatin and collagen from cartilage-rich bones.

Most of  the healing properties of bone broth come from the amino acids that are found in abundance such as proline, glycine, glutamine and alanine which play a role in gut health, immune system support, muscle building, blood sugar balancing, healthy bones and joint complexes, smooth healthy skin as well as the overall healing and rejuvenation that make these amino acids essential for life and radiant health.

Just some of the health benefits of our bone broth are (all are not listed):

  • A nutritious and easily absorbable protein meal

The broth we provide you with is high in gelatin. Gelatin is made up of the connective tissue in the animal and makes up 50% of the protein content in the animal.  This makes the broth a highly absorbable protein meal that is easy on the digestion unlike like meat flesh.

  • Repairs the gut wall

Bone broth regulates the mucous membranes in entire gastrointestinal system. It is also is high in collagen, which is needed to line the gut wall.

Many of us have damaged our gut lining over the course of our lives with stress, toxic burden, candida, parasitic or bacterial overgrowth in the gut and/or excess alcohol and sugar consumption. When we damage the gut it may become what is known as ‘leaky gut’.

One of the main food culprits that cause the tight junctions in the intestinal lining to separate is gluten, found in high quantities in wheat products. According to research, leaky gut could be the cause of many food allergies and sensitivities, low energy, foggy mind, poor memory, joint pain, thyroid disease, autoimmune conditions and sluggish metabolism. Bone broth is one of the leading medicines to heal and seal the gut lining.

  • Biodynamic/organic bones

We use the biodynamic/organic bones to extract the nutrients needed to facilitate energy production and healing in the gut wall.

  • Boost immunity

The bone marrow also provides you with immunocytes (immune cells) which boost your immunity. Broth also contains high amounts of immune globulins to support the immune system, especially when using marrow bones.

  • Anti-aging in nature

The collagen contained in our bone broth also promotes repairs to damaged joint complexes and is needed for the elasticity and firmness of your skin; it is anti-aging in nature. The amino acid glycine found in the broth also protects our cells from oxidative damage.

  • Anti-inflammatory

Broth contains many amino acids, which are anti-inflammatory and void of tryptophan and cysteine – inflammatory excitatory amino acids. The amino acid tryptophan, found in large levels in muscle meats, can cause leakiness of the blood vessels, which leads to inflammation and sodium loss, albumin loss and reduces detoxification capacity.

  • Increase in blood cells

Gelatin assists in the production of new blood cells.

  • Highly mineralised

Gelatin is high in mineral content needed to support hormonal release from your adrenal glands, needed to support your bone matrix and needed as cofactors to utilise other vitamins and nutrients into the body.

  • Stimulates hydrochloric acid production

Bone broth stimulates hydrochloric acid (stomach acid) production and doesn’t cause putrification in the intestines as it is a liquid. Due to this it is gentle on the indigenous positive flora in the intestines as opposed to acidic muscle meats of animals which cause putrification when digested.

The digestive system is pH-driven. The stomach ideally should be highly acidic. However, if the body has been affected by chronic stress then the stomachs acidity wanes and we end up suffering from digestive upset which may lead to immune issues, nutrient and mineral malabsorption, reduced detoxification capacity and energy and mood disorders. Bone broth fixes this issue via its stimulation of hydrochloric acid and peptogenic qualities.

  • Drop excess weight (fat) with minimal muscle loss

Gelatin has a sparing affect on proteins, thus the body is less likely to catabolise the protein in muscle tissue during stress or fasting. Cells need glucose, and if you’re not meeting the glucose needs of your cells throughout the day your body will break down the protein in your muscle tissue to convert to glucose. Thus having bone broth during your 6 weeks will not only nourish your body’s cells but will provide the amino acids that your body needs so that the body will not break down your muscles for cellular nutrition. This will cause you to drop excess weight (fat) with minimal muscle loss, you will look leaner and feel stronger physically.

  • Aids in gastric secretions, promotes regular bowel motions

Gelatin in the broth is peptogenic, meaning it aids in gastric secretions, thus kick-starting the digestive system and aiding in regular bowel motions for those who suffer from less that two bowel motions a day without the use of caffeine. By increasing the release of metabolic waste from the gut we are clearing the whole body of waste that, if left to sit in the intestines, will recirculate into the blood stream, making the liver work harder.

  • Prevents bone degeneration

Its high mineral content reduces bone catabolism (breakdown) and aids in the absorption of calcium in the small intestine.

  • Repair, rebuild, rebalance and detoxify

The essential amino acid glycine, found in the broth, is used in the synthesis to make haemoglobin, bile salt and glutathione, nucleotides – DNA and RNA. Glycine helps regulate blood sugar, thus reducing blood sugar drops and cortisol (stress response) spikes, which lead to foggy mind, low energy, lowered mood and reduce capacity in handling stress.

  • Aids in detoxification pathways

Glycine aids in phase-2 detoxification in the liver by supporting the synthesis of the super antioxidant glutathione.

  • Benefits hormonal balance

The glycine contained in bone broth opposes the production of estrogen, which has a proliferatory and metastatic potential of early stage of tumour production, especially in breast cancer, and favours the protective hormone progesterone production in the body.

  • Assists metabolism and blood sugar levels

Glycine facilitates the effects of insulin and helps reduce blood sugar handling issues, hypothyroid issues and the risk of diabetes onset.

  • Improves the quality of sleep

Glycine is inhibitory to excitatory neurotransmitters via the down-regulation of serotonin, which can keep you wired and tired at night when overstimulated.  Also, via the favouring of the calming hormone progesterone, the glycine contained in bone broth can promote natural deep states of sleep.