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Jing Broth – delicious and nutritious

Jing Broth, delicious and nourishing, comes from our bone broth kitchen and is available to order by calling or emailing us.

Here are some of the reasons why our clients regularly drink Jing Broth:

Bone broth for health

Drinking broth regularly is used to strengthen your immune system – many cultures have been using broth as a medicine during times of sickness.

Broth is certainly part of healing the gut.  Removing specific foods from the diet and supplementing your diet with broth can help repair leaky gut through its high amino acid content, especially due to its glutamine content. Our article on Bone Broth – the Secret Weapon ( gives you more information on this topic. Healing the gut also boosts immunity and aids in issues associated with autoimmunity and mood disorder. For more on the effects on gut health and the brain please refer to work done by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride (

Jing Broth is also useful during times of acute or chronic illness.

Equally important, consuming broth is extremely beneficial for those who have a low-protein diet.

Many of our clients consume Jing Broth for the medicinal properties and high amino acid profile that help them maintain muscle tone, improve immunity and energy, heal the gut, feed the brain and aid in liver detoxification pathways. Jing Broth is very easy to digest even for those with the most sensitive stomachs.

We specifically use our broth during our Reset Programs.  You may decide to do your own fast or cleanse every few months or so and use Jing Broth to do so.

Bone broth for body builders

Body builders may want to add Jing Broth to their diet instead of, or alongside, whey or pea protein powder, which can be cloying in nature and hard to digest for some.

Bone broth for weight loss

Likewise for those wanting to lose weight but still want to receive bountiful amounts of amino acids to help maintain their muscle tone, Jing Broth can be a standalone meal replacement.

Jing Broth has anti-aging properties

For this purpose you may decide to always have some frozen Jing Broth on hand in your freezer to add as a stock with your homemade soups and casseroles for the health benefits and amazing flavour.

We use biodynamic/organic bones (except for fish) from the Yarra Valley and 90 Mile Beach.


  • 1 x 500ml jar of broth $15
  • 1 x 250ml vegetable stock $9
  • 1 x 500ml vegetable stock $15
Bulk Orders
  • 10 x broth – chicken with one bottle of vegetable stock $140
  • 10 x broth – pork with one bottle of vegetable stock $140
  • 10 x broth – lamb with one bottle of vegetable stock $140
  • 10 x broth – beef with one bottle of vegetable stock $140
  • 10 x broth – Fish with one bottle of vegetable stock $140
  • 10 x broth – Mixed with vegetable stock $155


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