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Set up by Drs Tom Connor and Dr Natasja Fox, Traditional Healthcare India is an Australian-based not-for-profit organisation committed to the development of sustainable healthcare and education facilities in underprivileged communities around the world.

Traditional Healthcare India is a project established to create a sustainable community facility in terms of renewable energies, water conservation, permaculture farming, sustainable medicine, and sustainable architecture design and construction.

To enable freedom of the cultural bind we find ourselves in, to live freely within the local community where you were born, to live being free of monetary, cultural, and religious binding, to be able to learn whatever is available to you and do whatever you choose to do is very important in one’s life development and will create a fully self-sufficient independent community that is independent of needs that near-by communities have to work hard to create enough money for.

Traditional Healthcare India

Traditional Healthcare India is a project based in Jharkhand, India, and founded on five key principles:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Permaculture
  3. Sustainable architecture
  4. Renewable energies
  5. Water conservation

The combination of all five principles combined with education and right livelihood enable the community of Datom to locally own and manage a completely sustainable community facility.

Founding date: 2009

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Traditional Healthcare India

Traditional Healthcare India 2009