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Colon Hydrotherapy

The point of difference in Jing Healthcare centre is that you will have a fully qualified health professional evaluate your unique condition and constitution before you do a colonic. The practitioner will tailor a package that is right just for you. Our practitioners may not recommend hydrotherapy for you at this time and may suggest a different detoxification method depending on your constitutional type and current condition.
Colon hydrotherapy is one of the most advanced detoxification methods known today as cleansing the colon helps detoxify the whole body.

Many healers believe that death begins in the colon, thus it is vital too keep the colon free from putrefaction and products of decay from spreading to other organs in the body causing ‘auto-intoxication’ or self-poisoning. These stored toxins affect our blood and every cell in our body. The symptoms of auto-intoxication can be exhibited in many different ways, from digestive: bloating, halitosis, bloating and discomfort, to effects on the brain and nervous system: depression, anxiety, moodiness, hormonal imbalance: low energy and mood, loss of libido, menstrual complaints, monthly skin complaints, and general toxaemia symptoms: headaches, backaches, fatigue, irritability, stomach ulcers, colitis, cancers, insomnia, liver and kidneys disease.

This process clears the body of unwanted waste materials that create acidity and toxicity in the body, prevents disease through increasing the alkalinity balance in the colon, hydrates your whole body, stimulated reflex points in the colon and exercises the colon muscles.

The ‘Libbie’ is an open system and is a high grade FDA approved machine that allows you to insert the nozzle yourself and do the entire colonic in your own privacy. It typically takes 45 minutes for the 10 litres of purified water to pass slowly into and out of your large intestine, hydrating your colon and stimulating the body’s natural peristalsis. All the equipment is medically sterilised and the water used is filtered and warmed to 37 degrees, the same as your own body temperature. There is no mess or smell. The treatment should be painless and discreet

Depending on the build up in your body some will see instant and rapid weigh loss around the trunk of the body, a feeling of lightness, clear eyes and emotional clarity, increase energy and a clearance of symptoms such as gas, bloating, fatigue, headaches, irritability, skin complaints, cold hands and feet are among a few of the problems people have found relief by hydrotherapy.

Colon Hydrotherapy is known to rid the body of mucous, morbid matter, parasites, worms, unfriendly Bactria, toxins and gas. The contents from your bowel, which can contain feces, bile, stones and intestinal plaque, will go down a drain and pass through a clear PVC pipe, so you may see the contents of this matter if you wish to. There maybe a lot of waste removed in one colonic session, as your large intestine is the same length as your body. A lot of matter can be trapped in here.

If matter becomes trapped it will also become compacted. This compacted matter creates toxicity in the body and prevents the absorption of essential minerals and vitamins through the colon wall into the blood stream. This creates nutritional deficiencies, which carry a huge list of symptoms, to lengthy to list. Lethargy, foggy thinking, lowered mood, poor skin and carrying fluid/weight around the abdomen are very typical.

Compacted matter in the colon also typically creates pockets in the colon called diverticulies- this condition is known as diverticulitis. This condition is much more common than you think, and is largely undiagnosed unless you have had a scan or biopsy. Diverticulies are extremely common, especially in those older than 40 years of age.
If you have compacted stool or plaque lining your colon, then this makes the diameter of your colon smaller for the rest of your stool to pass. This means a very large build up of matter may need to be removed.

Leave 90 minutes for the Initial consultation and between 45 minutes to 60 minutes for follow up.

The number of treatments varies from patient to patient. Our practitioners will evaluate an discuss with you how many they think may benefit you depending on the level of inflammation in your body, severity of symptoms and treatment goals.

It is not recommend for those who suffer from heart or kidney disease, recent colon or abdominal surgery (past year), internal hemorrhoids, uncontrolled hypertension, Chrones disease or those with tumors in the colon or rectum.