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Functional/nutritional medicine consults for hormonal imbalances

Hormonal imbalance and stress-related illnesses

Hormones are chemical messengers that release from endocrine glands. These messengers communicate with tissues and organs and have a direct effect on

  • growth and development,
  • mood,
  • reproduction and
  • sexual function.

Signs of hormonal imbalance can range from severe symptomatology to a feeling that something just is not right.

The most common signs of hormonal imbalance are

  • fatigue,
  • depression,
  • anxiety,
  • irritability,
  • inability to deal with stress,
  • weight gain or loss,
  • body temperature irregularities,
  • skin disorders,
  • poor sleeping patterns,
  • low libido,
  • sweating,
  • menstrual disorder,
  • thyroid disorder,
  • menopausal symptom and cravings, and
  • digestive disruption.

Main reasons for hormonal disruption

  • Stress,
  • lifestyle,
  • diet,
  • drug use,
  • poor liver detoxification,
  • poor gut clearance,
  • chemical exposure alongside genetic inheritance.

Our practitioners commonly recommend saliva testing to evaluate the bioavailable hormone levels in the body.

The main treatment for balancing hormones is to assist liver and gut clearance, herbal and nutritional supplementation alongside lifestyle and dietary changes. We see good results without the use of hormone replacement therapy

Stress-related disorders

Treating stress-related disorders is what Jing Healthcare prides itself on.

Our team works with

  • correcting adrenal function,
  • resetting circadian rhythm and
  • correcting hormonal imbalance


  • acupuncture,
  • herbal medicine,
  • lifestyle changes,
  • diet, and
  • nutritional supplementation.

Stress is one of the major causes of hormonal imbalance, fatigue and mood disorder. Stressors that negatively impact adrenal function such as mental, physical, psychological/spiritual, nutritional and environmental stress all can have an effect on endocrine health. Other disruptors of the endocrine system can be poor diet, nutritional imbalance and insomnia. Among chemical disruptors we find certain chemicals, plastics and heavy metals.

You can come in and receive regular acupuncture, moxibustion, bodywork and far infrared heat lamp treatment to reduce your stress response. You can also get a thorough checkup and consult with one of our principal practitioners, Dr. Natasja Fox (TCM). Dr. Fox is a Chinese Medicine practitioner who has also trained through ACNEM in hormonal balancing and nutritional correction. Your hormonal balance and ratios will be tested via a range of pathology tests to aid in determining the root cause of your imbalance and where to start correcting it.

Hormones can be in excess or deficient states. Symptoms arising from high levels of hormones can benefit from reducing the flight and flight response and clearing the liver and gut.

We may need to deal with long-term stress underlying hormonal deficiency and form a new energetic pathway.  Herbal medicine, dietary and nutritional supplements can also nourish glands and rebuild hormones.

Common hormonal conditions treated:

  • Adrenal fatigue  – Moodiness, fatigue, poor sleep patterns and inability to cope with stress that may reflect as depression, anxiety, anger or irritability
  • Thyroid imbalance. This may be arising as symptoms occurring with the menstrual cycle, fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, depression, apathy, temperature irregularities, low immunity or issues with fertility
  • Immune complaints and autoimmune disorders
  • Sex hormone imbalance, menstrual, menopause, andropause.

Dietary & nutritional advice

There is no one-size-fits-all with diets. They should be different for each individual according to activity levels, genetic makeup, blood type, digestive capacity, immune sensitivities and age.

Finding the right diet and food combination for your body type is paramount for healing. Certain foods and chemicals have an effect on the central nervous system, upsetting the balance of nutrients, and can create sensitivity reactions over time via the immune response. Removing foods that create an immune reaction may provide striking symptomatic relief, improved energy, mood and balanced BMI.

Changing your diet can have the most profound and long-lasting effects on your health. Many people do not realise which foods are having a negative impact on their health. Symptoms can range from

  • lowered immunity,
  • poor digestion and absorption,
  • lowered mood,
  • foggy thinking,
  • skin conditions,
  • PMS and menstrual pain,
  • headaches,
  • migraines, and
  • systemic inflammation in the body,

aggravating conditions such as blood pressure, cholesterol, arthritis, immune conditions etc. Removing these foods from the diet permanently, or for some just for a period of time, may eradicate many symptoms.

We can teach you how to easily change your diet to suit your needs to include sufficient amounts of nutrients macro and micro.