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Internal Medicine

Jing’s Dispensary

Practitioner Grade Nutraceuticals

Balancing one’s nutritional status affects all systems in the body; nervous, immune, endocrine and even neurochemistry. Neutraceuticals are added where the diet cannot satisfy the individual need for specific nutrients. This may mean that your genetic make up and/or the environmental conditions your body is under may create a demand for specific nutrient/s to a degree where gaining this nutrient from your diet would be difficult or unrealistic.

The mineral and vitamins used at Jing Healthcare are of practitioner quality, high strength, bio-active and absorbable and quality assured.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine has been used for over 2,500 years in China. Raw and granulated Chinese herbs aid in boosting the body’s capacity to heal and enhance your health.

The majority of herbs used at Jing Healthcare are plant based, only a small few are made from animal byproducts, such as animal shell. No animal products from endangered species, or products obtained by unethical treatment of animals are used.

Chinese herbs are 100% natural.